Sick Of This Market-driven World? You Should Be | George Monbiot | Comment Is Free | The Guardian

Where market fundamentalism has been most fiercely applied in countries like the US and UK social mobility has greatly declined . If neoliberalism was anything other than a self-serving con, whose gurus and thinktanks were financed from the beginning by some of the worlds richest people (the US multimillionaires Coors, Olin, Scaife, Pew and others), its apostles would have demanded, as a precondition for a society based on merit, that no one should start life with the unfair advantage of inherited wealth or economically determined education. But they never believed in their own doctrine. Enterprise, as a result, quickly gave way to rent. All this is ignored, and success or failure in the market economy are ascribed solely to the efforts of the individual.
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Navigating the Path Towards Responsible Personal Health Data Research

In the aftermath of Sawyers death, diplomatic, ECOWAS and medical authorities here are baffled over Sawyers deception, especially armed with new information that his sister, Princess had died of the deadly virus and his denial. Finance Ministry sources in Monrovia are in quiet murmur over what they feel was a letdown by Sawyer for not being forthcoming with his peers he worked with. The ministry has since been temporarily shut down and those who came in contact with Sawyer are on a 21-day forced incubation monitoring process. “All senior officials coming in direct or indirect contact with Mr.
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The Origins of the Chemtrail Conspiracy – Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

We will need a nuanced way to address the issue of privacy and informed consent, says Bietz. What kind of health apps do you currently have on your phone? (Image Credit: Health Data Exploration) Another question that arose was data ownership and the potential complication of sharing data managed by private companies. Certain companies are interested in working with personal health data research and sharing their data. For some it helps them understand the needs and wants of their consumers. For others it speaks to their interest in promoting public good.
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FrontPageAfrica – Sawyer’s Final Hours In Lagos: ‘Indiscipline’, Rage, Strange

MORGELLONS DISEASE IS PROBABLY not a real disease. At least not in the way its sufferers think of it. Its a strange name, in that its used both by people who believe they have it, and by people who say that believing they have it is all that it is.
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